Corinthian Singers: Animalia


A menagerie of song celebrating the Birds and Beasts

3:00 pm Sunday 25 March 2018 ||  St John’s Church, Halifax Street, Adelaide

Tickets $30 and $20 at the door or online || Free Admission for children 0-12!

Inspired by, and not wanting to miss out on, Mad March the Corinthian Singers of Adelaide will hold a concert on 3:00 pm, 25 March at St Johns, Halifax St, Adelaide – and the theme is animals.

The Corinthian Singers, with conductor Alistair Knight, will bring a menagerie of songs together about birds and beasts in Animalia, a celebration of the animal kingdom.

Included in the concert will be songs from the sublime to the hilarious on hippopotami, crickets, bees, sheep, cats and dogs. The music will range from the Renaissance to the present by composers from Josquin des Prez to Gustav Holst to Flanders and Swann.

Birds of various hues will also be included in the program – The Silver Swan by Orlando Gibbons, The Blue Bird by Charles Villiers Stanford and Blackbird by Lennon-McCartney.

Book here to join the Corinthian Singers for a delightful concert for all the family.

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